Erin helps launch emerging businesses with powerful stories and platforms to build cult communities. Whether you are looking to launch a new product or take your brand to the next level, it all starts with story. Erin's work as a Storyteller and Alchemist has proven to her the transformation that can occur when the power of storytelling is harnessed.

Internationally recognized for her work rethinking brand story, Erin currently works with select individuals, organizations, and businesses that are aligned with her mission to help build authentic stories and passionate communities.  She helps define and create the next generation of brands, build content strategy, and tell exciting stories to the world.

“Erin is not only a Content Marketer, she is a thought leader that creates impactful creative for our audience that elevates our brand and keeps our business moving forward in a unique way.”
— Rony Chammas, Peerspace Founder & CEO
“Erin is a creative genius. The way she can visualize a brand’s story and create messaging that speaks to an audience is incredible. She’s my go to when it comes to all things content.”
— Yuval Rechter, Head of Digital First-Media

As a consultant Erin provides insight, strategy, execution, and project management on the following services: 


This it the starting point for your success. Who you are and what you do. Leverage Ancient Archetypes and the Hero's Journey to rethink your company narrative and how you tell your story to resonate and inspire.

Brand Strategy

Once your story is in place, your brand process requires a strategic approach to build it from the ground up. Erin's approach infuses each component of who you are and what you do into the entire brand experience. We will work together on creating cohesive creative across all channels. 

Content Strategy

Translate your story into a content strategy that people want to engage with. This it the nuts and bolts of content marketing. We start by crafting your personas, mapping out their points and journey down your sales funnel. From there we build strategy to create content and package campaigns that will help your brand grown like wildfire. 

Cult Community Strategy

Build a cult community through content that resonates and inspires. From rethinking tone, style, and voice, to reimagining the way your brand walks through the world, Erin has helped companies create cult communities and viral content with hundreds of thousands of views, and social reach in the millions.

Creative Direction

Move from strategic foundation into a creative visual identity that pushes boundaries while staying true to your story. Erin works as a Creative Director, collaborating with designers to ensure story is told through digital content and syndicated across relevant channels.