we believe stories can change the world.

Erin Berman is an established Storyteller, Brand Strategist and Spiritual Alchemist. From conscious lifestyle brands to Silicon Valley startups to multinational corporations, she works with companies looking to storytell effectively and build cult communities. She believes your story is what defines you. And, when communicated powerfully, your story can change the world. 

As founder of Blackbeard Studios, Erin sees the world through narrative, and helps her clients tap into the power of storytelling to reach their full potential. By leveraging effective messaging and strong content, we can build tomorrow's biggest brands. Regardless of your product, service, or mission, one thing is clear: the best stories stand the test of time. 

Erin has consulted for companies of all sizes, launched dozens of startups, led Storytelling workshops around the world, taught creative writing courses, lectured at universities, and served as advisor, mentor, and investor in the Bay Area and abroad. She previously studied Literature and Theology, was a Visiting Scholar at University of Oxford, and holds a Masters of Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco. She is also the founder of Water & Bird, a lifestyle brand and healing platform to promote transformation and manifestation. When she's not telling stories, you can find her meditating and exploring. 

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Erin Berman, Founder & Storyteller